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Increase your conversion rate and therefore your sales by installing Stripe

Increasing the conversion rate of an online store is a permanent goal for any e-merchant.

A simple way to optimize your conversion rate is to offer the right payment methods. Many e-merchants actually start their online sales, with PAYPAL as the only method of payment. Unfortunately, PAYPAL (still) suffers from a lack of notoriety. Many buyers still think that PAYPAL can only use through PAYPAL account. These buyers are therefore hampered in their purchasing process and do not complete their order.

STRIPE, a CB payment method perfectly integrated with Shopify

Stripe is a CB payment method that integrates perfectly and completely transparently into the order finalization process. The buyer is invited to enter his credit card details directly in the checkout of your site, without having to go to an external site.

By implementing Stripe in addition to PAYPAL, you collect orders from people who are resistant to PAYPAL and therefore increase your conversion rate.

Simple, subscription-free pricing

One of the advantages of Stripe is to offer a simple price list based solely on the transactions carried out. Particularly suitable therefore, for merchant sites in the launch phase.

Check out Stripe's pricing by clicking here .

How to set up STRIPE in your Shopify store?

Stripe is very easy to activate in your store's payment methods. Simply go to SETTINGS > PAYMENTS then activate the Stripe payment method by following the procedure.

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