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Print your invoices in 2 clicks on Shopify

If you want to print your invoices directly from Shopify and therefore avoid wasting precious time re-entering in an external invoicing tool, here is the method.

Install the OrderPrinter app

The OrderPrinter app is a free Shopify application edited by the Shopify teams. You will install it very easily from the Shopify APP Store: https://apps.shopify.com/order-printer

This application will allow you very easily to print invoices or delivery slips to insert in your parcels.

Translate document templates

By default, the app generates documents in English. You will therefore have to go to the templates to translate the text elements directly into the HTML code.

To translate templates, simply go to the app and click on "Manage templates" at the top right of your screen.

Then click on the "invoice" template to edit the invoice template. You can then directly edit the HTML and bring your translations.

Add mandatory information

For an invoice to be valid in France, you must add the mandatory information related to your company: company name, head office address, status, SIREN, RCS, VAT number, etc.

All you have to do is add this information directly to the invoice template you are modifying.

Your invoice template is now complete and ready to use.

Print several invoices in 2 clicks

Now that you have the OrderPrinter app and your invoice template is set up correctly, printing your invoices becomes child's play.

From your list of orders, simply select the orders to print, then use the "BULK ACTIONS" menu which will allow you to directly access OrderPrinter.

The next screen will allow you to view and print your invoices at once. Save valuable time processing your orders!

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