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Putting your Shopify store in multiple languages

A recurring question in setting up ecommerce stores with Shopify is the question of multilingualism. How to set up a shop in several languages ​​to hope to sell beyond the French borders?

The easy, fast solution: translation APPS

There are different approaches to dealing with multilingualism with Shopify. The first is to set up a copy of its site in the language in question. This solution can be done easily using APPS such as Langify or Weglot.

These APPS are installed on an existing site and make it possible to translate the content elements of the site.

But is this really enough to develop sales beyond borders? With a site translated into English but on which transactions are always in €, will a person in the United States easily place an order?

Go further by adopting a multi-market approach

To go further in the internationalization of your business and your sales, it is important to know who you want to sell to and what will make the targeted people buy from you.

A target market approach is much more relevant than a simple site translation.

If you want to sell in the United States, it is therefore preferable to develop your own e-commerce site with its own domain name (allowing you to work on SEO in the country concerned), with its own product approach to the country, and with transactions in usd.

With this approach, you have a much better chance of selling to an American.

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