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Shopify launches shopcodes: QR codes adapted for ecommerce

Everyone knows QR codes, these little codes that you can scan with a smartphone to access a web page or contact information.

Shopify has just launched the Shopcodes application, an ecommerce version of QR codes

After installing the Shopcodes app on your site (installation always in 1 click), you can instantly generate a QR code for each of your products. The QR code created will return from the real world to the product page of your site in a purchase context.

A simple idea that helps build customer loyalty.

The shopcode created for your product can be integrated into the product packaging to simplify order taking, especially on consumable products with repeated purchases.

Shopcode on packaging

Shopcode: the link between your physical store and your merchant site

It is also an excellent way to develop physical event sales activities, popup stores, or classic in-store sales.

By associating each product presented in your physical store with a shopcode referring to the product sheet on your e-commerce site, you facilitate online purchases.
Your physical store becomes a showroom, allowing you to see and try the products. The link to online commerce is therefore naturally via the shopcode.

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